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Hi-ya! Nice to meet ya!

My name is Mikki and I am a birth doula and childbirth educator on the West Side of LA. I have a real passion for seeing people E M P O W E R E D through their birth experience.

• Empowered in creating goals for the birth they dream of and practical help with how to get there!

• Empowered to research and find

evidence based information!

• Empowered to support a laboring person well!

• Empowered to navigate the medical system which may seem daunting.

I got to this place through the birth of my first child. I was scared to birth in the hospital setting (general anxiety of the unfamiliarity of the medical world) and so hired a doula to help me have “a natural birth in the hospital.” Then through our meetings she got me in touch with a local midwife and I started learning about home birth and all the options I actually had around labor and birth!! My doula empowered me to make my own decisions rather than the ones I thought I was stuck with and that right there changed literally my whole life.

My. Whole. Entire. Life.

I quit my job as a graphic designer and started training to be a birth doula. I knew that it was such important work to support people as they bring their baby into the world. I knew personally what a difference having that level of support and empowerment meant for my life and I aim to support laboring people in a way that allows their birth to be an empowering, life changing experience as well.

Take a peek at my website or follow @thedoulabell on IG

and let’s get in touch! Shoot me a message to find out how you can set yourself up for a well-supported pregnancy and birth! ✨

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