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Your Vagina will Thank You!

Do your postpartum self a favor. Use some witch hazel or my favorite, @earthmamaorganics herbal sitz bath, to make yourself some padsicles to help ease any swelling or discomfort after birthing your baby!

How to: 1. Steep tea or herbal sitz bath sachet in boiling water for five minutes and then LET COOL COMPLETELY. (Or use straight-up witch hazel from a bottle!) 2. Open a small stack of postpartum or overnight size pads and lay them flat, keeping the wrappers ON so they don’t stick together. If they have wings, remove the sticker to open up the wings but take care not to get them stuck together! 3. Use a spoon or measuring cup to ladle a generous amount of the liquid onto each flat pad. You want to nearly saturate them but not make a mess! 4. If you have wings on your pads, carefully fold those back in and replace the tab to cover the sticky sides! 5. Stack up your now herbally delicious pads and place them in a gallon-size` bag. 6. Place that bag to lay flat in the freezer and wait... 7. Once frozen, place an individual pad in your underwear and say “you’re welcome” to your sore, swollen, healing tissues. 8. Rest up, you’ve done some awesome work recently!!!

Did you stock your freezer with aaaahhhhhh-mazing padsicles?! Let me know if you loved them as much as I did! . . .

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