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She helped me uncover strength I never thought I had inside of myself...

-- E.P. (client)


"Michaela was amazing!  Coming from the male partner, don't hesitate in using Michaela as your doula.  It is worth it!   We originally weren't going to hire a doula as we had a midwife and I didn't fully understand why we needed a doula as well.  That would have been a big mistake!  Michaela was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and supportive of us through our home birth experience.    I'm so thankful for Mikki and if we decide to have another baby we will absolutely use her again." --S.G.

"Our experience with Michaela (Mikki) was in short a truly momentous, amazing life experience. Why we chose Mikki: She has a very relaxed easy way about her, she was totally relatable and right away felt like someone we would be friends with. I had been worried about doulas being too "granola" or pushing an all-natural-only agenda, but Mikki wasn't like that at all. She was very knowledgeable and didn't push any particular birthing strategy as "better." She was very open to what we wanted for our birth and provided info to help us decide preferences. We also felt like she offered a great value for her fee, including pre and postpartum visits." --E.P.


"Michaela was phenomenal. Her skill and knowledge was vital to the success of our birth plan. Because of this, I was able to focus all of my attention on coaching my wife through the labor and not worry about changing positions or applying counter pressure, etc. I do not believe that our birth would have had even a tenth of the success without Michaela there. Her courage to push us and her grace to guide us through the process was a warm welcome in the difficult moments." --M.S.


"My experience with Michaela Bell as my doula completely exceeded expectations. To be honest, I did not realize just how critical of a role she would play in the birth of our daughter. Though we took a birthing class, lactation class, and read numerous books, I can tell you that without Michaela there, our birth experience would not have gone according to our plan. Michaela was there to not only encourage me and my husband, but to remind me of what was important to us. She was so strong throughout that entire very long day. She helped me find different positions that helped with my intense back labor and helped relieve some of that pain with counter pressure, and massage. She also reminded both my husband and I to stay hydrated and fed. She took notes for us to look over after our daughter was here which was so special to me. Her experience with not only her own birth experiences, but also as a doula for many others, was evident in the labor and delivery room that day. My husband and I agree that having Michaela as our doula was a priceless and critical addition to our birth team." --K.S.



Home Birth

"I was impressed by Mikki's ability to sense what I needed without me having to ask. There wasn't a single contraction she didn't help me work through."


Hospital Birth

"Mikki's support was huge! I loved how gracefully she managed the hospital setting. Staying grounded, respectful yet direct with staff when needed & supporting OUR birth plan all cohesively."


Cesarean Birth

"Mikki spent time helping me process my grief from not having the birth I wanted with my first child and listened to me process my fears about having to have a c-section again."

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