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DIY Labor Cave

🦊How to create a “labor cave”🐻

Our birthing environment has a really significant effect on the hormones that we’re creating that are keeping and furthering us into birth! We need to do what we can to enhance this process by creating a calm and safe environment. Enter, the labor cave.

Imagine a little bunny out in the woods. The bunny is pregnant and ready to give birth. So does she hop out to the middle of the field on a bright sunny day and invite all her woodland friends to come and watch the spectacle?! NO!!!

She hops to her little burrow in the dark and births in the quiet, dim, familiar and safe environment that she’s created there.

We need to do the same thing! No matter where we are planning to give birth, what are the things we can do to create an environment that is calm, safe, and familiar to us so we can keep those good hormones flowing?

Hint: check out my quick tips highlight on Instagram @thedoulabell to learn some labor cave ideas and get even more quick tips on how to have your best birth.




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